Alan Leaman
Chief Executive of the MCA

alan leamanThe MCA promotes good practice across our industry and wants clients to maximise the value they gain from consulting. Our Consultancy Buyers Forum enables member firms and their customers to share knowledge, experience and ideas.

This Blueprint sets out good practice in the buying and provision of consulting. The material has been jointly created by representatives of both the buy-side and the sell-side and the quality of the thinking has been excellent: honest, constructive and self-critical.

The Forum enables buying organisations and MCA member firms to engage in open and insightful dialogue outside of a specific sales process. Our events are highly valued by all those who attend and we are keen to share the output from the Forum’s activities as widely as possible across the consultancy buying and service provider community.

We strongly encourage everyone to use this material in the way that makes most sense for you. You can also share your views and ideas via our dedicated LinkedIn Group.

There is no cost to buying organisations for participating in the Forum’s activities and events.

Chris Hudson and Tom Archer Co-Chairs of the Consultancy Buyers Forum

Buying consulting services effectively is often more challenging than in any other area of spend. There are a variety of reasons for this but the only sure way an organisation can maximise value is if they centre their buying approach on the outcomes they require, rather than on the cost of effort.

Buying organisations need to be as clear as possible about what they are seeking to achieve and tread carefully when considering the most appropriate commercial model and engagement structure. The objective of this website is to provide a blueprint for the ‘good’ practices which are most likely to work.

In this area of spend it is difficult to label anything as ‘best practice’ since no two organisations will ever have exactly the same needs or approach. Therefore users of this site should adapt and apply the material to suit the organisation they work for, the circumstances surrounding their business need and the role that they personally play within the buying process.

We hope you find it useful.